SOAW Puppet Blocking Script
Draft 11/20/03

Representatives of Natural Resources form 3+ clusters/skits throughout the crowd:
enter the crowd, as 3+ stilt puppets and 15+ picket puppets (simple graphic on stick),
Decision: pick 3+ of veggies, soil, water, trees, flowers...
Decision: Either dancing merrily or running in fear looking over the shoulder
Decision: Either coming in as a formation, or dispersed through through the crowd and centering on a stilt puppet.
Enter in- The Vacu-Suck™ snake-pipeline (SOA) w/entourage of picket puppets
Decision: pipe with cloth? Silk screen on side? How long?
Decision: picket puppet symbol: M-16? Soldier?
Music: Chanting "I don't know but I've been told, violence is what I've been sold" banging large metal pieces.
Cue: after the second Representation of Natural Resources forms, the Vacu reaches the first one.
Vacuum sucks up representations of resources + poops out Kiosk
Repeat, repeat
3 sided triangular Kiosk has people inside. Images/text on the outside detail specifics of SOA: 1)Mexico: Zetas, 2) Bolivia: pipeline corruption. 3) Argentina: soldiers take factory, (time and space permiting add Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Salvador, etc.)
Decision: Mouth of vacuum? How does it eat? How does it poop? Where do the kiosks go until they're pooped?
Decision: Confirm countries.
Cue: after second discharge (poop) liberation parade arrives at first kioskLiberation Parade
Dancing, singing, drumming. Children of Liberation head puppets, followed by drums, followed by 3+ drill teams/ flag carriers of 5+ people with cloths flags with 1) heart with wings, 2)_______ (Bolivian liberation symbol/birds-prisioners of consciences), 3) white ant, followed by other puppets
Decision: How to incorporate the birds? Bolivian liberation symbol: Charango? Transformation
As parade gets to a kiosk, the respective drill team runs forward along the side of the parade and surrounds the kiosk, which goes inside out which will have new images/text on global justice: Organic farms, worker run factories, autonomous communities, etc. People from each kiosk join in behind parade & continue march.
When Vacu-Suck™ reaches stage it interacts with Mom of Liberation
Decision: How does the vacu-suck interact with the Mother of Liberation? Fighting? Mom loosing until saved by Children? Children loosing until saved by Mom?
When Parade reaches stage, it interacts with vacu-suck Choreographed flag dance
People in Vacu-Suck™ shed their case & the head rears up and retreats because it has no power without the people.
Decision: Shedding? What do the Vacuum people do after? Head on swivels?
BIGGER Party/Parade Exits through the crowd dancing.