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In November of 2002, people from all across the world joined residents of the Southgate Apartments in Ft. Benning, Georgia to play jamming Samba Reggae for the Puppetistas protesting the School of the Americas. A bateria of over a hundred percussionists filled the streets with a sound that could not be ignored. Samba Reggae is a recent musical style from the northeast of Brazil that combines the groove of Jamaican Reggae with the large, processional, percussion ensembles of Brazilian Samba. As in Brazil, people play with whatever instruments they can find; buckets become repiniques, trash barrels become surdos, pots and pans become bells, as everybody raises their voice to sing.

If you can donate buckets, barrels, pots, pans, or money for instruments, please contact us.

What's New

In 2017 we plan another show in Nogales!

Past Performances


Our first year in Nogales and Tucson

We had a good jam near the equivalent of the Stewart Detention Center.

At the buildsite we mass produced frame drums and decorated them with "Tierra Libertad Paz Justicia"

One of the highlights of the event was playing the fence itself! The metal posts are cement filed so not very resonant, but we brought our own metal resonators and banged them against the fence for a good ringing sound.


David Stocker introduced his strapping tape frame drum:

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Atlanta Sedition Orchestra joined us!


, 2006 [we really need a webmaster]


Cakalak Thunder teams up with the Bloco Southgate! Plan on drum workshops before the weekend, probably Friday afternoon...

2004: SOAW Columbus, Georgia, November 20th and 21st

Informational Flyer:

Welcome and thank you for participating in our show. No previous musical ability is required but we do have three small rules:

The Three Rules
I. Do not Play Unless Everyone Else is Also Playing!
II. Listen to Everyone Else Around You!
III. Have Fun!

Rule #1 means we all start and stop as a group, which makes us sounds really powerful. Also, if you haven't noticed yet, these drums can get very loud and obnoxious, and other people in the puppet show need quiet to be able to talk to each other. So please be polite, and don't play until everybody is ready to start together, and don't play after we stop.
Rule #2 means react to everyone else around you. When you're playing try to be able to hear at least all the people right around you, and check yourself to make sure that what you're playing fits. If you need help or have questions ask the people around you. If there are people without instruments, share yours for awhile. If someone forgets Rule #1, it's your job to gently remind them about it.
Rule #3 means if it's too loud or you get sore, pass your instrument to someone else and take a break. Try to stay relaxed when you play.For more information:

pdf version, side A

Rhythms for 2004:

Samba Reggae
Samba Reggae is a kind of music from the Northeast of Brazil, from a city called Salvador, in the state of Bahia. It was created in the last few decades by descendents of African slaves, and is loosely based on the music they brought from Africa, along with many influences, like the Samba from Rio de Janeiro, in the South of Brazil, and reggae music from Jamaica. In many neighborhoods in Bahia, kids get together to play on cans or barrels. Every year all the big groups, called Blocos Afros, parade for carnival. Each group can have over a thousand performers! If you want to hear recordings look for Ilê Aiyê, Olodum, or Timbalada to start.
Don't worry if you don't read music, it's not that hard and you'll pick it up quickly. You just have to know one part and then how to start and how to stop.

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Saturday, November 22



Drum Jam

Sunday, November 23



drum jam

More 2003 photos:

By Linda Panetta:



Photos by Jorge Aros

Rehearsals for the 2002 debut of the Southgate Samba School aka. Bloco Southgate:

more photos by Jorge

Photos by the Conestoga Club November 16th Parade, 2002



School of the Americas Watch seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas, which is responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America

Drums & Demonstrations Manual tips on how to use drums at demonstrations

How to Make Bucket Drums step-by-step instructions on how to make your own drum from a bucket

Drums & Demonstrations powerpoint a PowerPoint presentation on how to use drums at demonstrations

Artcelsior buy traditional drums from Brazil

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